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MTD is part of the Jirsch Sutherland Group, which specialises in helping businesses that are in financial difficulties to resolve their problems. All our services are delivered based on a simple credo:

“The advice that we provide is always the advice that best serves our clients’ interests. If that doesn’t happen to serve ours, so be it. We would rather forego revenue than forego our reputation.”

Jirsch Sutherland

Jirsch Sutherland is an established and diverse group specialising in turnaround management, finance, insolvency, business recovery and forensic accounting. We are well known and respected among accountants and lawyers Australia-wide, as well as having a sound, long-standing, working relationship with the ATO and OSR.

A matter of respect

Tax debts and tax problems can beset almost any type of business as well as individual tax payers. Our policy is always to offer honest and open advice on what can and cannot be achieved and to implement that advice in the quickest and most direct way. We see that as a simple matter of respect for our clients and the professionals who refer them to us.

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